I provide consulting services around the following topics:

1) Strategic overview of the AI landscape as it relates to news and journalism, based on the latest academic and industry evidence

2) Help in dissecting industry trends and their ramifications around AI

3) Workshops on questions of AI risks and benefits and adoption, especially with a view towards broader AI strategy, AI ethics, and relationships with technology companies

I also offer bespoke consultations on any of the topics I work on as required and requested.

Public Speaking

I have plenty of experience as moderator, keynote speaker and panellist at industry, academic, and public events and have hosted public panels and talks at various international institutions (in both English and German), including the University of Oxford and the International Journalism Festival.

If you would like to book me for any of the above, please do reach out by email to enquire for references and rates or pro-bono work (I am usually happy to speak for very little or free for charity).